IO2: An innovative virtual guided tour platform
of the four partner museums

The innovative virtual guided tour platform  has been fully online by the end of the year. This outcome was developed by the two academic partners and the two technological partners with the cooperation of the four partner museums. The virtual guided tour is provided in English and in the four languages of the partner countries (Dutch, German, Greek and Italian).

The virtual guided tour platform enables the online visit of the four partner museums. It is meant to be easy to use and enjoyable for school children and tailored for children through the idea of multiple characters to guide children inside partner museums

With this output our partnership seeks to achieve:

  • increasing the e-accessibility of museums
  • highlighting the potential of technology as a means of promoting and promoting Europe's culture
  • highlighting the potential of technology as a means of attracting children and youth to Europe's cultural wealth
For the needs of this Intellectual Output, a Learning Teaching Training Activity (LTTA) took place in Foligno, Italy, in May 2020, under the guidance of AKETH-DCT and EGINA