IO3: An interactive game with augmented
and mixed reality technology

The game with AR and MR is running for twelve months starting from July 2020. This output is the product of the cooperation of all partners of the consortium. The game will be provided in English and in the four languages of the partner countries (Dutch, German, Greek and Italian).

The interactive game will focus on the development of a common scenario that will be the main axis for the development of integrated educational activity. The game will serve as a link between the different cultures and arts displayed in the project's partner museums. Its dynamics will concern school groups and can be combined with activities within the museum during school visits and within the classroom.

With this output our partnership seeks to achieve:

  • shaping the perception of small and medium-sized museums as places of learning, especially in the province of EU countries (3 out of 4 museums of the partnership)
  • developing co-operation between museums and school communities to provide modern education
  • the promotion of educational programs provided by museums as additional to the education taking place in the classroom
  • redefining EU museums as attractive destinations for children and young people